Hello World

If this was an in person conversation, we would sound way overexcited. And desperately trying to hide our sweaty palms. We are just so happy to be here. After working on the Focused Fox goal notebook for quite some time, it is finally ready to be presented to the world.

The notebook was created because, even though there are a lot of good planners and apps out there, we couldn't find one that really worked for us. We needed a tool that would helps us be more focused on what we wanted to achieve, as well as help us deal with the bumps in the road to achieving it. So, we decided to create that tool. And we wish to share it with you. We hope that the Focused Fox goal notebook will help you to focus and work even harder on your goals.

The notebook is based on the idea that success is just a byproduct of hard work and passion. Instead of focusing on success, we should focus on investing time and effort (a lot of it) into the things we care deeply about. In that way success will come naturally. Of course when we talk about time, effort and goals, we can’t not mention management plans and time schedules. Did your eyes glaze over when you read the last part of the sentence? We understand. These are topics that are not as exciting compared to the the raw energy we feel when we talk about our own goals, but they are nevertheless necessary. We need to add structure to all that passion. However, it is is time to rethink the way we plan our goal journeys. We can argue that planning is not just about streamlining activities. What good is a meticulously organized calendar if we bail on it the moment the going gets tough? And don’t get us started on all those overly optimistic, but abandoned daily to do lists. What we set out to do is add a new layer to the whole goal planning process. First we should try to see the big picture. Get the lay of the land. Why do we actually want to achieve our goal? What are the risks and challenges and how can we resolve them? And then there’s the other F word - Failure. We hate to be the party breaker here, but failure is always a possibility. And fear of failure is such a crippling feeling that it can stop us from taking any actions at all. How do we overcome this fear? How can we dust ourselves off after a failure and try again. *noods to the Aaliyah fans reading this* ;)

We need to talk about these things before starting a goal journey. The more aware we are of our inner shortcomings and outside obstacles the better problem solvers we will be. We wish to help you achieve this with the Focused Fox goal notebook. And ofcourse with this blog. Here we will delve into topics related to productivity, mindfulness and grit. Our goal is to create content that is entertaining and useful for you. And if you ever see that we are failing at this goal, please let us know. Your opinions and feedback are welcomed.


The Focused Fox Team

P.s. Just one of us has sweaty hands. The rest of the team felt it is important to point that out. :)